Cam is feeling better but I'm guessing he's getting a little stir crazy. He hasn't left the house since Thursday. The cough is improving and he's been wrestling with his dad. He just got tackled by Randy... And Cameron yelled out:


He meant "UNCLE!" to get his dad off of him.

I guess you had to be there. It was really funny.

Cam kept trying to play with Jordan today.. But it was things that weren't quite age appropriate. Like puzzles or books that can be easily ripped. Right before bed they started playing with Jordan's Aquadoodle. It's an awesome toy. All you need is water and there's enough room for both kids to draw. It's so cool. They both are pretty supportive of each other when they aren't trying to bargain for attention.

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Student of Life said...

Love, love, love the Aquadoodle. It bridged the gap between a three year old boy and a nearly-six year old girl quite nicely last week when one of my friends had a baby. I had her older daughter here with me, and nearly every other little boy toy wasn't cutting it for her. The Aquadoodle? Magic.