Yesterday was a big day. We finally got to go to Cam's "home school" to fill out the paper work, make sure he's properly immunized and check out how the school works. It turns out the immunization stuff got me a little stressed -- the possibility of not having all of the right shots got me nervous. But we're good.

We've been struggling with what is the right place for kindergarten. Cam's learning style is different and I want an environment that fosters his growth, not stymies it because he's very active and wiggly while learning. I've talked to a local magnet school a couple of times and had emailed the principal at our local school. When I got to registration, he had made sure the vice principal tracked us down so he could meet with us. That was very kind. He spent time with us in his office talking about what his school can do for us. He's been more mindful of boy needs in the learning process since he became principal of the school. He's been there 3 years. I know the school pretty well from volunteering there for 2 and a half years so I've heard a lot about him from the teachers. It's been mostly positive. Right after all the paperwork and learning about summer school for kindergarten (how cool!), we got a tour with a really cool 5th grader. I saw parts of the school I hadn't seen before, but on the whole I felt really comfortable there because of all of my volunteer time.

Immediately after we spent almost 2 hours are our local school, we had a sit down meeting with the principal and a teacher from the magnet school. I'll be honest, I'm not sure I got the same positive vibe from the meeting. But I'm still a bit torn over which school is the right school for Cam's needs. We might put our names into the hat for the kindergarten lottery... If we get in that doesn't meet we have to put Cam into that school. So we have some more time to think about this. I'm trying to not be crazy about elementary school. Honest I'm not.

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