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Cameron had a blast this past weekend hanging out at my cousin Mike's house. He has a son who turns 6 next month and a daughter who is turning 5 next month as well (or 4. Dang I can't keep that straight). Anyway, it is so cool to see how Cam loved playing with Will and Amanda. They have a younger brother Henry who I loved playing with. He and Jordan will have fun playing together someday soon.

So I actually go to see my Aunt and Uncle and all three of their sons at the same time. Unfortunately all this fun and excitement was for Mike. He's an emergency room doctor in the military and is headed to Afghanistan to help with a hospital on a base. He could use all of your prayers. He leaves May first.

On another side note, it appears that Cameron may be allergic to grass. He and Randy rolled down a grassy hill... And now Cam's arms are broken out into a red rash. I can't seem to get rid of it. He doesn't seem to mind it though.

Oh, one other thing and I'd love some input. Cam has taken to sleeping under a quilt and his pillow. He says it keeps him safe. Well, I went in to kiss him tonight. When I dug him out of the pillow/quilt combo, he was a ball of sweat from head to toe. I have to get the quilt off him, but he was upset and felt unsafe. I have to figure out an alternate to this heavy quilt. He's going to be stinky and gross and need an early morning bath. Which is reason for me to get to bed.

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