Happy birthday buddy

Happy birthday buddy
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Almost exactly 5 years ago I woke up with a jolt and knew my boy was going to be an April Fool's baby. It was no joke. It was awesome. I had expected Cam to arrive in the world early... Just like every other baby in the last 2 generations of women. So when he was four days late, it was like it was the end of the world.

Cam's arrival was amazing. No drugs, a little scary pushing (the boy's head is big, very big). But the high I felt when I held this sweet child armed with the knowledge that I brought him into the world... My gosh, it was incredible.

I'm still just as proud to be Cameron's mom. I'm working on my patience. He says he's working on his listening skills. But either way, he's an incredible little guy. He's the best big brother. He's a caring friend to everyone he knows. And boy does he love birthdays. (I wonder where he gets that from.)

Happy birthday Cam. Enjoy the celebrations we have planned for you this week. Since the big family party was a day early, we're going to take him to Meet The Robinsons on his actual birthday. Cupcakes are planned at school on Monday. Then his big High School Musical birthday party is planned next Saturday. I can only hope we have a sunny day for that one. Oh the things we do for our kids.

He's worth it.

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