Tantrum Central

I realize Cam has a lot to deal with these days. There's a new baby and there's a lot of focus on her... And not Cam. But all he's been doing is throwing fits. I swear, he cried more than Jordan today. I'm tired and I know my patience is low... So is Randy's. I feel terrible about it. But if he had his way, Cam would have spent the entire day watching movies. He is testing the hell out of us... I just wish that testing would not include so much crying.

Beyond the tantrums... Cam is picking up an amusing sense of humor. When we were at church today, he spoke out in the middle of the children's sermon and made the congregation laugh. He turns to the crowd and says: "Don't laugh at me." But you know he loved it. He also told his friend Camryn's parents that he plans to teach Jordan how to be funny. I think he'll be very good at that.

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