Some Christmas Tidbits

I just looked at the blog and realized I never wrote a thing about Cam's Christmas. I was uncomfortable and soon after the holiday, I went into labor. So, who knew.

Cameron had his entire closest family members visiting our house: Grandma and Grandpa, Uncle Jon, Grandma and Poppy, Moma Dot and Daddy Junior and Uncle Barry. And the boy was PILED with gifts (as you can see in the picture). The amazing thing is he recognized and enjoyed each gift. He even enjoyed his clothing gifts. He never opened a gift and just threw it to the side. He thanked everyone, gave out hugs and admired everything. Gift opening took FOREVER! But we weren't going to stop him from being respectful.

The gift of the year: The Buzz Lightyear rocket toy that Cam has asked for since this summer. It's a smash hit. He still plays with it obsessively. He has a huge imagination and comes up with all kinds of adventures for Buzz and a little alien toy.

Oh. And the day before Christmas Eve, Cam was on a local variety show to celebrate the holidays. He was a camera hog and ended up upstaging the hosts of the show a few times. By the end of the show, the hosts even knew his name and called on him to give him a chance to talk. The boy ain't shy.

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