A big owie

Cam woke up around 3am this morning crying: "Owieee!!" His ear was hurting... And I decided it's swim ear. He hurt on Monday during nap time at school. I put in swim drops into his ear and everything seemed okay until early this morning. Fortunately, the doctor's office was willing to listen to my analysis of the situation and prescribe him ear drops without him having to come in. How great is that?

Anyway. This morning, I asked Cam how his ear was feeling and he said it was okay. But later he told me his voice changed, he could hear it in his ear. Clearly, it was clogged up. Poor buddy. So he can't take swim lessons again until his ear gets better. I'm sad about that for him. But Randy said he may work with Cam later next week so he doesn't fall behind. Poor guy.

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