Spring Break

It's Cameron's first spring break... I hate to say this, but there's nothing exciting planned. He gets to go to work with me for the week. BUT, I got the idea that we're going to shoot a video together. I'm going to let him shoot video and then we're going to edit it together.

I just have to decide if we want to edit it on iMovie or Avid NewsCutter. I figure he could figure out iMovie... But I'm not sure I want him using my computer. Avid is probably a little advanced for him, but I'm okay with introducing the concepts to him now. I would really love it if he knew how to edit on Avid and can help video approve our college students before he turns 10. That would be awesome.

Anyway, I have to work this week, but I'll look for ways to take Cam away for a couple of hours here and there. He'll have fun (I hope).

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