How can it be a whole six years?

I've been running around getting ready for Cameron's big sixth birthday. I'm so excited for him and I hope he enjoys the day. I bought his big balloon bouquet. I have a cake cooling in the kitchen. I have yummy doughnuts for breakfast and plans to bring cupcakes to school in the morning. Cameron has been counting down the days for a month.

Six years ago I was begging him to come out... Although I didn't know he was a boy or a girl, I desperately wanted him to arrive. So April fools or not - The baby I was so sure would be a girl came out a beautiful, large headed and sweet little boy. It's been an amazing six years of parenting, amazement and exhaustion.

The week-long celebration will continue on Saturday with a big party full of kids running around. Hopefully the rain will stop so we can play in the backyard!

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Student of Life said...

Please give that big boy a birthday hug for me. Wow. Time flies, huh? Good luck with the party!