Big news (a little delayed)

I should have posted this immediately, but last Friday I was in Jordan's room putting her to bed, talking to her grandparents on the phone and chatting with Cameron... So I asked Cam to read Jordan a book before bed. So he pulls out her Hop On Pop book and goes at it.


And he didn't just read it elementary school style, the boy read with emotion! He read the exclamation points with a flourish! He questioned every sentence that ended with a question mark! He needed very little help... Mostly with 'W' words. But some of the words he grasped were AMAZING. I was so proud and it was awesome that my parents got to hear it too.

Other than that, Cam had a ball with an ice storm that moved through this weekend and throughout the week. The first morning after the storm, he went outside thinking there was snow on the ground and said: "This has a hard cover on it!" He still enjoyed sliding around and playing with his slippery and slidey slide that was covered with ice. It was cool. But the next day, he looked at me and said: "I am NOT going out there." Ever since then, before we go outside, he says: "I can't be in the cold. I just can't."


Speaking of drama. Our theatrical boy is starting a theater class on Saturday. I can't wait. I haven't even told him yet. He's going to get to learn how to act and put together a little play about Curious George. And he LOVES Curious George. I'm excited and I'm hoping this may be a way to put some of his DRAMA.

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