So much to be thankful!

Cameron got to enjoy Thanksgiving this year with his family in Kentucky. Not only did he have a chance to avoid eating all of the traditional foods that comes with the meal, he got to play football with the "big boys." It was cute. He's not that great at catching, but he was all about running and tackling. He got to spend time with his grandparents, great-grandparents, uncle and extended family -- not to mention mom, dad and Jordan.

We're thankful to have Cameron in our lives - his analysis, his energy and his love is everything you'd want from a son. We're also very thankful to have a wonderful family and so many friends.

Cam is reading the Spiderwick Chronicles these days -- It's a series of five books that was turned into a movie last year. He got the book set from my brother for Christmas years ago but I decided Cameron was old enough and able to read the books in the last couple of months. So he was reading the second book on his own for a little while when he emerged from the bedroom to announce: "The tooth fairy isn't real. I know that's true." I looked up in shock. Randy looked up in shock. And we asked him why he thought that. He mentioned the book (and I found the spot in book 2 where they talk about it) and said he planned to confirm it at school. I begged him to keep his ideas to himself... But I'm sure he went to school preaching his new found discovery. My fear: he'd transition this realization to Santa. So what did I do? I rushed him to see Santa with Jordan the moment we got back from our Thanksgiving trip. I wanted to sneak in at least one more visit. So what is the first thing he says when we get to the mall? "I know this Santa isn't the real Santa." I asked him to keep his ideas quiet for Jordan's sake. He was very skeptical about the experience. He even rolled his EYES! At least I convinced him to take a few pictures. I even got the kids ice cream to celebrate our first non-dramatic (and probably last) Santa picture with both kids. (go team!)

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