We took Cameron to his first football tailgate today... Before a doomed game where our Tigers lost. (sob) Before the game Cam got to stand on the side of the crowd cheering on the team as they walked to the stadium. The marching band was there. Cheerleaders were there. It was quite a production. Cameron high fived his favorite players and seemed kind of excited about the experience. Before the team walked through I asked Cam if he'd be a football player or a band player when he grows up. He looked at me in disgust and declared: "Mom! I'm going to be a SCIENTIST."

Ohhhhh. Sorry. Apparently you can't play in the band or the football team if you're going to be a scientist.

I didn't know that.


twin power mommy said...

The problem with MY girls is that they wanna do it all.
Caitlyn wants to be an artist, chef, veterinarian, who goes on missions trips to other countries.
Whew...exhausts me just thinking about it!

twin power mommy said...

...but a scientist....that's good!