Emotional guy

Cam has had a tough time rejoining the family since his trip to his grandparents house. He's been very emotional. VERY emotional.

I think I may be to blame. I've let him surf the web on kid sites while he spent time in the newsroom with me at work. So he's enjoyed a brainless, non-involved time on his own. So I've tried to get him out and about at least for a little while each day. That still didn't seem to be enough to improve the whining and complaining at home. On Friday I took him out for the morning to go on a bike ride on the local bike trail and go to a park with water sprayers and a playground. I packed a lunch and everything. I was excited. I really want to bike more and it's so cool to have Cam on his bike now... Until he had to pass a person on the trail. It freaked him out and he decided he didn't want to bike. Tantrum on the trail. It was rough. I ended up pulling his access to the work computer and he snapped out of it. THEN we had fun. We enjoyed lunch, water and running around. Biking back tot he car was even great. I just don't know how to deal with his moods.

I think some of it has to do with his teeth. Those molars are moving and his front teeth are wiggling. He's lost four bottom teeth and two have poked through. He isn't sleeping as well and he's cranky. It's kind of like Cameron is the six year old version of his 4 months teethingn self. I just want to hug him when I don't want to jump off the roof when he's crying and screaming.

I'm not going to dwell on this... But someone at the university mentioned that I should consider testing Cam for ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder). I'm very uncomfortable even thinking about considering treating Cam with drugs. We see so many students who are medicated. I had a friend in college who went off his long-term ADD medication while we were in school. He was so messed up. Anyway, it does confound me at times when Cameron is so highly sensitive to the smallest things and he's six years old. It made sense when he was two or three, but I'm sure it's not right for his age.


Student of Life said...

I've had several people suggest my boy at three (almost FOUR!) years old has ADD or ADHD or whatever. It really stings when someone says that to you. Some people (even teachers) throw that "diagnosis" around like it's a shirt color or something. I think it's very insensitive for people to do that, even though they think they're helping. That is a label, and it's scary to think that your child will have a giant set of letters on his forehead for his entire life. However, just like anything else, we'll figure it out. You have never backed down from a challenge. You will research it and make the best decision for a boy. I am sure of it.

NerdyMom said...

Thanks! I feel deep in my heart that this is not the proper diagnosis... but I struggle with finding a way to help Cam enjoy life. It's hard!!


twin power mommy said...

I don't really know what to say, but just wanted to give you a cyber-hug.
Follow what your gut tells you. The great thing about internet is that you can research so much stuff.
I'm sure you'll find what you need to know!

NerdyMom said...

Thanks... I appreciate it. He's doing better since his return to school. I'm hoping for the best and giving him as many outlets for his feelings as possible.