Sniff. Sniff. Its quiet here

Our house is quiet. The kids aren't fighting. Cam isn't running around wanting to watch a show/play Wii/play outside/complain about his sister/wanting my undivided attention/complaining about my food/giving me hugs at many random and sweet moments.

On Sunday he went off to stay the week with his grandparents. I know he's having a great time. I talked to him and heard that he's skinned his knee, elbow and ankle from riding his bike and falling off. I think it's amazing how he's learning about his limitations on a bike and continues to get back up and ride again. I'm very proud of him.

We're going to meet up with him for the weekend, so he really won't be away from us for a long time... but it's long enough for our house to feel very strange and lonely. Even Jordan is feeling it. Tonight she looked at me and said: "Where Cameron at?" I reminded her that he was with her grandparents. She responded: "OH YEAH!!"

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