Look at this bravery!

There's something about becoming an almost first grader that has inspired Cam to do brave things. To celebrate the summer, we bought a thing called a skim board run. It's like a slip and slide but it lets the water sit in a shallow pool and you have 26 feet of space to skim across the water on a small surfboard thing. Cameron spent a lot of time trying to do it himself. It was amazing to watch. He was okay with falling down and laughed even when you know it had to hurt! But the bravery didn't end there.

We took a really nice (yet steamy) bike ride down the Katy Trail. Cameron is enjoying our new bike extension and it's giving our family a chance to really enjoy biking together (although Jordan doesn't like just sitting in the trailer). Cam was adventurous during the trip. He was picking up baby frogs and climbing around on a fence. Randy and I just looked at each other and asked: "Who is this kid?" I'm a fan of the adventurous Cam but it's also reason for me to be more concerned for his safety!


Anonymous said...

Wow! That doesn't sound like Cam to me either.

I have to thank you for making this blog. In the past week, I've read hundreds of posts about Cam, from his potty training to being jelaous over Jorden to the Wii birthday party and everything.

I have to say, this boy has a special place in my heart that just seems to be growing with every post. He may be difficult at times, but deep down, hes a sweethearted guy trying to learn his way in life.

Sooo, thank you. I enjoy reading about your son very much, and have started on Jorden's next :)

May God bless your family,

twin power mommy said...

Boys scare me! They are so fearless and adventuresome...they'll try anything and jump off of anything!

i am glad my son is more passive and quiet. Not entirely passive, but a little more than most boys.
I think i'd probably have a heart attack if he was like a regular boy. After having had two calm little girls, i don't know what to do with a fearless boy!