Questioning my ability as a mom

Today went really poorly and all of those gut issues I've had with Ben 10 came to a head today. It's gone. Cartoon Network is gone. Ben 10 is gone. I'm sad that the deep pit of my stomach told me that he should have never watched the show in the first place. I should have never encouraged or allowed it to continue.

The big issue: Cam is so grown up on some levels, but so immature on others. I realize no one can know how role play and games can affect a child, but Cameron can take it too far. He took it too far today. And I blame myself.

I feel pretty rotten right now.

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Student of Life said...

You're a fantastic mom! I can totally relate to this. My boy is VERY into role playing and super heroes. It will probably come to a point where I have to do the same thing you have done. Many parents would just let something like this go and chalk it up to "boy" behavior. You're doing the right thing...even if it hurts.