Reading and Reading

Cameron and I got a chance to go on a field trip together to the local pumpkin patch. Last night we prepared by reading a really great book: The Pumpkin Circle. What shocked the poopy out of me was watching Cam read almost the entire book on his own and we haven't read it since last Fall. It's amazing.

So today we went on our trip. I got to meet a bunch of parents and I was able to start placing names with faces. We picked out tiny pumpkins and I told Cam we'll get a big one tomorrow. In the meanwhile, Cam has decided he wants to be the guest reader in his class by bringing in his Pumpkin Circle book. I'm trying to not put pressure on him to do it after he thought of the idea... For now, the idea is exciting to him and he can't wait to read the book. He's even decided to grab every book he can find to help him "practice." Hopefully we'll have some time to work on reading his pumpkin book. I'm so excited that he's this excited about reading.

Woo hoo!! I'm physically too exhausted to upload the pictures I took at the pumpkin farm. I promise I will this weekend.

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