Trick or Treating!!!

Cameron absolutely loved Halloween... He loved the candy, he loved the costume (he was a lion this year). He really loved the fun and games in our neighborhood. The older kids in the neighborhood put together a party for the younger kids... There was throw the pumkins in the big pumkin, dig for candy in hay, decorate a pumpkin cookie, broomstick limbo... They even had a mini-hay ride. It was awesome.

It started raining just when we started trick or treating... But Cameron didn't care. We stopped at a number of houses. Cameron would yell at the door: "TRICK OR TREATING!" He'd take the candy, say thank you and then roar like a lion. We had a tough time explaining why we couldn't eat chocolate after each stop. (By the way, Cameron says: Choc-oh-latt)

Once we got home wet and happy Cameron kept trick or treating out of our bowl. Every time trick or treaters came to our door, Cam grabbed extra treats. He'd run around the house yelling! "I trick or treating!" He did well with his sugar high.

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